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Innovative Solutions

The Law Office of Lisa K. Meier, LLC uses creative solutions to advocate for our clients. For example, where most attorneys would not file a Motion to Transfer a divorce case to another state because they want to retain the business in Ohio, our firm has successfully researched the law to argue forum non-conveniens to transfer a divorce case out of state because we place our clients' interests first.

Another example of our firm advocating "out of the box" is when we successfully were able to increase our client's post-decree parenting time in a temporary order. Our firm researched the cases which supported this little-used law to secure more parenting time for our clients.

Our firm is persistent. When opposing counsel refuses to produce responses to a certain discovery request, we will use the Civil Rules to obtain a response in another manner. Often when the opposing party refuses, they lose money in paying for their attorney's fees to research how to object to reasonable requests for documents and information.

We are innovative, honest, persistent, professional and, above all, our first objective is to advocate for our client’s best interest (versus attempting to increase attorney's fees in order to generate business).