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Spousal Support Attorney in Dublin, Ohio

Are You Paying Your Ex Too Much Spousal Support? Is Your Ex-Husband or Wife Not Paying You Enough Spousal Support?

At the Law Office of Lisa K. Meier, L.L.C. we specialize in obtaining the best spousal support award for you if you are seeking support or reducing or modifying spousal support for a spouse if you are paying too much.

Terminating or Reducing Spousal Support

According to Ohio law, if your decree of divorce reserves jurisdiction as to spousal support, you may be able to reduce or increase your support based upon a change in circumstances that has occurred since the last court entry. Contact this office to discuss what options are available to you.

Further, if your decree of divorce reserves the ability to terminate spousal support based upon cohabitation, our office understands the legal strategies needed to prove cohabitation.

The most recent case law from the Ohio Supreme Court has opened the door to make it even easier to establish cohabitation. Contact us at the Law Office of Lisa K. Meier, L.L.C. so that we can discuss strategies with you for proving cohabitation.

Let's Come to an Agreement

Obtaining Spousal Support

Under the Ohio Revised Code 3105.18, courts review fourteen factors when determining spousal support. See http://codes.ohio.gov/orc/3105.18

At the Law Office of Lisa K. Meier, L.L.C., we are experienced in communicating to courts all of the factors that are relevant to your case in order to place you in the best position to obtain support.

Contact us when you need advice on obtaining spousal support. We represent clients in Dublin, Ohio, and the surrounding areas of Columbus, Westerville, Lewis Center, Franklin County, Union County, and Logan County, Ohio.