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Child Custody Attorney in Dublin, Ohio

The Name to Trust for Help with Child Custody Agreements

Do You Need Someone Who Will Work to Prove Your Ex's Lies and Will Advocate for You to Have the Most Parenting Time?

At the Law Office of Lisa K. Meier, L.L.C., we are knowledgeable about what legal facts must be presented to advocate on your behalf. We expertly provide courts with information that assists clients in gaining the custody determinations (which is legally described as an allocation of parental rights) that they are seeking.

Under Ohio law, custody is initially determined under what is called, "the best interest factors." See R.C. 3109.04(F) at http://codes.ohio.gov/orc/3109.04. Under these factors, the courts consider such important information such as 1) the wishes of the parties, 2) the wishes of the children, 3) the mental health and physical health of all persons involved, which includes new partners, 4) the children's adjustment to the community and several other factors.

At the Law Office of Lisa K. Meier, L.L.C., we have successfully advocated for both fathers and mothers in obtaining custody determinations in their favor.

Your Children are the Top Priority

Secure Your Parental Rights

We have been helping parents come to amicable custody agreements for years, striving to come up with a comprehensive plan. Our goal is to give your children the best lives possible despite the divorce. Call us for help negotiating the following with your spouse:

  • Child Support

  • Determination of Payment of Children's Expenses

  • Custody

Having to dispute custody with a spouse during a divorce is an extremely trying time for any parent. Even if the split is amicable, debates regarding children can often be heated. Allow us to mediate the process so that both parties can come to an agreement that works in the best interest of the child. Contact us to set up a consultation today.

Contact us right away to schedule a free consultation with a knowledgeable custody lawyer. We are proud to represent clients in Dublin, Ohio, and the surrounding areas of Columbus, Westerville, Lewis Center, Franklin County, Union County, and Logan County, Ohio.