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Family Law Attorney in Dublin, Ohio

In complicated family law cases, you need competent and compassionate representation from an attorney who understands the legal system. When you're in need of a family law attorney, you deserve to work with someone who can understand your concerns and address them when representing you. The Law Office of Lisa K. Meier, LLC is the law firm to trust when you need a diligent advocate to help you fight for a favorable outcome.

Our family attorney in Dublin, Ohio, is prepared to guide you through the process of resolving your dispute. Whether you’re trying to settle spousal support, arrange a parenting plan, or obtain custody, our attorney defends your rights and interests.

If you’re currently involved in a family law case, or if you’re considering filing for divorce, schedule a consultation at our office right away. We proudly serve the Dublin, Ohio community, and the surrounding areas in Columbus, Westerville, Lewis Center, Franklin County, Union County, and Logan County, Ohio.

Need Guidance for Your Family Troubles?

Family law cases are often contentious and drawn-out processes. When factors such as children and higher-value assets enter the picture, the process can take even longer, cost more, and induce more stress. However, we're here to help protect what matters most to you and work to bring your case to a smoother completion. Get the relief you need by calling our attorney.

A Family Attorney with Experience That Counts

In family law, experience counts when it comes to successfully handling your case. Our courtroom-tested attorney is ready to take on your case, however complicated or straightforward it may be. If you need counsel and representation for any of the following, call us today:

  • Division of Marital Assets

  • Adoption

  • Juvenile Law

  • Civil Protection Orders

Contact us at the Law Office of Lisa K. Meier, LLC when you need the advice of an experienced family attorney. From our office in Dublin, Ohio community, we offer honest and compassionate guidance to clients throughout the area, including Columbus, Westerville, Lewis Center, Franklin County, Union County, and Logan County, Ohio.