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I Would Recommend

My husband and I hired Lisa to pursue visitation of our grandchildren. We didn't know what to expect. Lisa explained the entire process to us and was very optimistic. Lisa is a very honest and to the point attorney. We let her do her job and was very pleased with the outcome. She did her job professionally and with compassion. She was accessible any time of the day and returned our calls and answered all our questions in a very timely manner. Her rates were fair and I would recommend Lisa for your legal needs.

- Laura W.

Knowledgeable and Experienced

Lisa was amazing. Incredibly helpful, thorough, and patient. She did more for me than I could ever express in a review. My custody situation has taken a complete 180 in the past year all thanks to Lisa. She is knowledgeable and experienced. I would recommend her to anyone.

- Claudia B.

Honest and Straight to The Point

Lisa is awesome! I sought her counsel when I was going through a divorce. She was honest and straight to the point and I felt that she didn't waste my time and especially my money. Although, my wife and I decided to work it out, she was above reproach in what I would expect from legal representation. I knew I had the right attorney when I first met Lisa; she gave me a huge packet of papers and said I needed to fill these out and bring them back to her. She told me that she would be more than happy to fill them out with me, but she didn't want to waste my money. After seeing how my wife's attorney poached her for money, I felt really blessed to have an attorney that was financially sensitive to my situation. Thank you, Lisa!! I know without a doubt, I will seek Lisa out when I decide to set-up estate/will planning.

- Jason

Knowledgeable and Aggressive

Lisa is a fantastic attorney! She completely turned my custody case around for me. When I obtained her things were not going so well for me, but by the end of the case everything was in my favor. She is a very knowledgeable and aggressive attorney. She was always prepared for all court appearances we had. She will fight for you until the end and never give up. She was always there to talk to me whenever I had any questions or concerns no matter what day or time it was. I highly recommend obtaining Lisa for any custody cases you have. If I ever have to go back to court for my custody case I will definitely be obtaining Lisa again.

- Luke R.

Never Gave Up

I am so grateful for the day I met Lisa Meier! Her no nonsense and practical approach to troublesome life experiences helped get me through a very rough time. She is caring and understanding. She was my champion all the way through the process. She never gave up on me and kept encouraging me all the way to the final step. My case was challenging, but Lisa kept right at it and never let anything slide. She is thorough and got to know me personally so that she could represent me better. Thank you Lisa!

- Sherri H.

Willing to Fight for Me

From the moment I stepped into her office, Lisa was on my side and willing to fight for me in my divorce case. She was honest and provided me with realistic expectations. I highly recommend Lisa as an attorney you can trust.

- Candise D.

Excellent Communication

Lisa was fantastic. She is extremely thorough and will fight for you until the end. She has excellent communication and leaves no stone un-turned. The thing I appreciated most about Lisa is that she is not a “yes man.” As your attorney she does not tell you what you want to hear, instead she gives you the realistic scenarios and then game plans with you. I cannot state strongly enough how impressed I was with her and her ability to win. She took our case, which was not an easy win, and she went above and beyond to get us where we wanted to be. In addition to that, she is so incredibly fair about her prices. I cannot recommend her enough.

- B.J.J.

The Best in Her Field

Lisa was amazing. Very personal, caring and fought as hard as you wanted her to. Always made sure I knew what was going on and explained what I didn’t. She never treated me nothing less than a person. She is the best in her field. I will use her in The future, if needed, and refer her to everyone I come across. Thank you for everything!!

- Pepper M.

Works Diligently

I was going through a difficult divorce with an uncooperative spouse, to say the least. Lisa was able to get me the best possible outcome. If you need an attorney that works diligently to give you the best results possible, then give her a call.

- Kevin E.

Very Professional

Lisa was Very professional and and actually cared about my case. Very knowledgeable experienced if u want a lawyer that is great and doesn’t treat u like a number this is the one.

- Paul C.

Honest, Ethical, and Very Hardworking

Attorney Meier is the best in the business! Lisa is honest, ethical, and very hardworking! She will treat you with respect, master the details of your case, and work tirelessly on your behalf to advocate for the desired outcome. The pricing is reasonable, especially in comparison to the quality of the work-product!

If you are facing a divorce or a child custody matter you will not find better representation in Ohio! I just went through a nearly three year long ordeal, and Lisa was always world-class! I cycled through two other lawyers before I found Lisa, and I am so thankful for her diligence and expertise. Her representation was a game changer.

Let me save you the time and expense of making my same mistake—contact the Law Offices of Lisa K. Meier immediately if you need legal representation for a family law matter!

- J.C.

Exceeded My Expectations

I can not say enough good about Lisa, being a single mom and coming to her with a case that looked like a lost hope from a earlier lawyer who just did not care about me, my children or my case and just wanted my retainer. She stepped up, and treated me as if my case was the only one she was even working on. She proved how hard she was working on my case by informing me of changes within a hour or a day of a update to my case, broke down legal terms so i could understand them and not be overwhelmed and gave me hope with my case even when I felt there was nothing left due to council I had at the beginning. She not only won what I was asking for but fought for even more and exceeded my expectations I even asked. She is now my go to lawyer and I highly recommend her! It is rare to find someone who has compassion for your personal needs or business or anything you need to get done. I highly recommend her for any case. In the end my children and me are very happy and she succeeded as a lawyer and beyond. Thank you Lisa for all you did for me and my family ! God Bless!

- Amanda P.

She Truly Cares

I was in need of a lawyer after being married for 21 years to help guide me through a difficult process. Not only did Lisa guide me, she walked with me to assure I understood ever step in the process to assure that not only my rights but my needs where taken care to assure the best out come for myself and my children. I would recommend Lisa to anyone in need of a lawyer! She truly cares about her clients.

Thank you Lisa!!

- Mark S.

Takes Pride in Her Work

She is a wonderful very smart attorney that takes pride in her work. she doesn’t stop tell the job is done. She went over and above when it came to my daughter. She treated her like she was her best friend and very fair on her prices. I would gladly refer her to any of my family and friends. She is a good woman to have on your side in court.

- Brian H.

The Best

She’s simply the best when it comes to family practice lawyers.

- Robert A.

She Went Above and Beyond

Lisa was so kind and helpful to me. I called regarding dissolution of marriage and found out I had to do it in another state. Lisa admitted that she didn't know their exact laws because she doesn't practice there. She ended up not only calling me back because she looked up the laes but she emailed the information to me and told me not to take no for an answer because of what the law says. She went above and beyond for me without anything in it for her but just because she knew I needed someone to help guide me. Thank you Lisa you're amazing!

- Kayla B.

I can't thank Lisa enough for all that she has done for our family. As someone that knew nothing of the legal system, Lisa walked my partner and I through every step of the process, answering all of our questions and staying flexible until the very end. Our case was not an easy one, but she was always just a phone call away, waiting to be updated and to offer advice and support. We would not have been able to settle out of our situation victorious, making so many positive changes to our custody agreement without her dedication and hard work. You can't miss with her representing you.

- Jade M.

Compassionate and Empathetic

Lisa is a phenomenal lawyer! She is compassionate, and empathetic, but fierce and motivating when necessary. We had never needed an attorney before. Lisa made sure that we knew the process and what was expected of us. I would absolutely recommend Lisa Meier!

- Khrisin C.

Very Helpful and Worked

Lisa was very helpful and worked with me during my process. She was straight forward with me on what i needed to do. She is a very good person

- Roger S.